Solving the Vacuum & Thermo Forming Puzzle with RIM

Having problems with vacuum formed or thermoformed parts?
Are you frustrated with fit and function problems?
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Vacuum Forming and Thermoforming are used to make large plastic parts. The formed plastic parts are merely "the skin" of a product. Any functional features like attachment points or ribs have to be bonded in place, which inherently produces unacceptable inconsistencies. In order to make the skins structural parts, a supporting frame is needed – usually sheet metal, this makes it a very expensive solution. With RIM the supporting structure is molded into the part eliminating this expense an additional step in manufacturing.

Because the vacuum and thermoformed material is a thermoplastic, these parts are subject to heat distortions and can warp or suffer other temperature deformities such as sagging or expansion.

Changing the manufacturing process to RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) to solve one or more of the problems listed above is a frequent conversion request, we get at Rimnetics. Our process produces polyurethane parts (thermoset) which typically avoids these quality problems. Because RIM allows the cosmetic skin to become the product's structural frame, we can make enclosure parts that resemble a "unibody" concept at a much lower part price.

If you are having any of these problems we've listed or other undesired quality issues with your Vacuum or Thermoformed structural foam parts, Rimnetics' superior engineered process is your solution. We can show you real-life examples of how much cost you can save by making this simple smart conversion.

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