A Guide To Low-Pressure Overmolding

To learn about low-pressure overmolding and its benefits for a wide range of different industries, consult this guide to low-pressure overmolding.

The Different Types of Items That Can Be Encapsulated With RIM

Encapsulating items directly into the plastic part has numerous aesthetic and functional benefits. Here are some of the many different types of items that can be encapsulated with RIM.

Reaction Injection Molding vs. Thermoforming

To determine which molding process is right for your project, check out this comparison of reaction injection molding vs. thermoforming.

Reaction Injection Molding Quality for Medical Devices

RIM is an ideal manufacturing process for many medical devices. To learn more about reaction injection molding quality for medical devices, continue reading.

RIM Applications for Laboratory and Scientific Equipment

RIM is an ideal manufacturing process for lab equipment. To learn more about RIM applications for laboratory and scientific equipment, continue reading.

Reaction Injection Molding vs. Sheet Metal Production

To determine whether reaction injection molding or sheet metal production is right for your application, consult this side-by-side comparison.

Overmolding in the Medical Device Industry

Creating medical devices for a wide variety of applications often requires the use of a manufacturing method that allows you to insert a component into the molded part. Doing so offers several benefits such as improved sanitation, reduced risk of intellectual property theft, and increased part strength. Reaction injection molding is one of the most effective manufacturing methods for encapsulating materials without harming sensitive components often included in medical devices. For more information regarding encapsulating and overmolding in the medical device industry, consult this comprehensive guide.

The Greatest Strength of RIM Molding? Design Flexibility

Thanks to the overmolding process which bonds an elastomer to virtually any substrate, companies can create products that are more aesthetically pleasing, have longer lifespans, and even save money thanks to the capacity for injection molded enclosures to double as the aesthetic and structural component.

What is reaction injection molding (RIM)?

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is the process by which molded polyurethane parts are made. In the process, 2 liquid components are mixed and injected into the mold where they chemically react and cure.