Reaction Injection Overmolding & Encapsulation

Advantages of the RIM Overmolding Process

In reaction injection molding, overmolding and encapsulation with RIM allows for reliable, structural 'one-piece' solutions wherever added functionality is needed. Encapsulation and overmolding services also create an ideal solution for sensitive equipment that requires protection from the environment. Components to be encapsulated are fully or partially surrounded by the molded part. This provides the structural and cosmetic properties of the finished unit.

Low-Pressure Overmolding & Encapsulation


Low exothermic heat coupled with low process pressure allows for the encapsulation of sensitive circuit boards and batteries.

Polyurethane, the material created by the RIM process, is also a natural glue. Thus, it will adhere to almost all other materials and ensure an excellent bond. No matter if you need impact resistance, chemical resistance, or the part to float in water - chances are, there is a RIM material to meet the requirements.

When is the reactive encapsulation molding process the right approach?

Here are a few things to consider