The Greatest Strength of RIM Molding? Design Flexibility

overmolding process

By taking a purely rational approach, one might assume that the only thing that matters when manufacturing equipment is how well the product works. This has resulted in the unfortunate production of a whole host of unsightly, uninspiring equipment everywhere from hospitals to factories to restaurants. However, as countless studies suggest , design wields considerable influence on consumer behavior and satisfaction. Thanks to the overmolding process which bonds an elastomer to virtually any substrate, companies can create products that are more aesthetically pleasing, have longer lifespans, and even save money thanks to the capacity for injection molded enclosures to double as the aesthetic and structural component.

How are such a diversity of designs achieved?

Before the reaction injection overmolding process was developed, no custom plastic molds could be created without using extremely high temperatures that were unacceptable for use on sensitive equipment. The two reaction injection molding materials that Rimnetics uses to create their molds can be injected at a lower temperature and pressure. These components simply react to become polyurethane once in the mold.

The design advantages here are threefold. First, the overmolding process can be customized to fit nearly any three-dimensional shape. These shapes can be specifically tailored to the utmost extent, as the microcellular reaction injection molds have cells as small as 0.001 inches. Second, the resulting molded enclosure can be coated to fulfill safety requirements and further customize the design. And finally, this process can be repeated to manufacture anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of products each year.

Why is design important in industrial products?

Custom-molded enclosures can make the difference between a medical device that looks vaguely threatening, ambiguous, and outdated, and one that looks sleek, futuristic, and advanced. In the absence of a deeper understanding of a product, the aesthetic quality of a device is the primary evaluation a patient can make. If your company wants a door with the logo fully integrated into the surface to create a more customized, welcoming workplace, injection molding is the solution as well. Contact Rimnetics to ensure that your business has design to match its high standards.